So tired

2017-07-11 14:04:37 by UTPComix


Some Updates

2017-06-15 21:38:37 by UTPComix

So ever since one of my movies, Stick Madness, got blammed and sent to the NewGrounds Grave Yard, I haven't been able to get in the mood to make an animation. Because while I'm making them, sometimes I give up becuase it's probably gonna get blammed, which is a good choice on my part because when looking at them "They made Poo look good" accorting to NewGrounds 2007. Old NG fans will get that refrence. But I'm trying as hard as I can to make an animation passing 3 stars. In my opinion, there are alot of NG haters. NG haters who hate stick figures, NG haters who hate Sprite Animations, and any other genre that's not Egoraptor or Eddsworld genre (or any other popular newgrounds animator who has been here too long), and so even tho it clearly says Haters and Ass kissers don't help anyone, people are gunna still be haters. And that results in a low rating because the genre wasn't what most people wanted to see. It's stupid really. I'm not saying all reviewers are dumb, but most of them are. NewGrounds putting the rating in the hands of the wise reviewers, and the dumb ass reviewers is just choas. That's I have to say, don't agree with me. Then just leave, don't put a 3 paragraph comment about how I'm wrong in your eyes. None of us are right. This is just my opinion. Good Nght.


New Animations!

2017-05-03 20:24:03 by UTPComix

Ok. Hello everybody. So I've been hard at work on making none "shitty" animations.

Right know I am working on an another Eddsworld Re - animation, As well as my an original animation, about the weird things dogs do. Featuring two new voice actors! Sorry for not updating resently, it's just because of school and stuff.

So, expect more animations soon, hope you guys will like them. And yeah. That's enough of me. Have a nice day. Thanks for reading!

I feel like there is something wrong. Any problems are thing you want me to improve on?